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Christian Lindemann

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Christian Lindemann is a german illustrator and graphic designer. He has a diploma in graphic design which he received while studying in germany and australia. Serveral years he worked as a graphic designer in advertising before eventually setting his own freelance business. Christian lives together with his wife and daughter in his hometown Burgdorf in northern Germany, were he works above his family owned cinema: Neueschauburg. Beside his illustration work Christian is running his own t-shirt brand: Alive.


Sehsucht, Interone, DDB, Jung von Matt, Saatchi&Saatchi


ebay, DHL, Canon, Migros, TUI, Lotto Hessen, Migros, G+J Corporate Editors

Christian Lindemann
Christian Lindemann

Feldstraße 2a
31303 Burgdorf

+49 (0) 5136 874510

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