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Elisa Gatzka

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Alma, ein kuhles Maskotchen für die Kugler Alm

Jede Alm braucht ihre Kuh!
Alma ist praktisch die Residant-Kuh der Kugler Alm. Zunächst begleitete sie den Umbau der Gaststätte, nun ist sie für den Blog verantwortlich und das Kindermaskotchen der Kids Alm.
Mehr Infos zum Projekt finden Sie auf meiner Webseite unter elisagatzka.art/alma-character-design 

Every pasture needs a cow
Alma, practically the resident cow of the Kugler Alm, first accompanied the renovation of the restaurant. Now she is responsible for the blog and is the mascot of the Kids Alm.
You can find more information about the project on my website at elisagatzka.art/alma-character-design 


Hi, I'm Elisa; an illustrator and art director based in Munich, Germany.
I create digital and traditional illustrations for the web, magazines, animations, infographics, or presentations. If you like my work, make sure to get in touch and let’s have a chat about how we can work together.
I’m a freelance illustrator and art director from the Munich area
since 2/1984
I've been drawing since I started thinking

Began working freelance

Completed my B.A. in Media Design at MD.H München, specializing in animation

Graduated as a Master of Arts in Interactive Media Systems at HS Augsburg, specializing in animation

1/2015 – 6/2018
Began my MBA in Sustainability Management at Leuphana University in Lüneburg,
expected completion in 2018

since 7/2016
Founding graphic designer at ONUO UG

Elisa Gatzka
Elisa Gatzka

Brunnenanger, 7a
82418 Seehausen


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