ih8war - Plakate gegen den Krieg
Plakatentwurf des belgischen Illustrators Klaas Verplancke

Die New Yorker Designagentur HivelyDesigns startet eine internationale Anti-Kriegs-Initiative. Künstler, Illustratoren und Grafiker aus aller Welt können sich an dem Non-Profit-Project beteiligen.

Die Idee zu dem Projekt entstand beim diesjährigen Joseph-Binder-Symposium in Wien:

“When looking back at art history, artists and designers have played a major role in antiwar efforts; we are earnestly looking for today’s visual provocateurs,” said Charles Hively, chief architect of the campaign. The campaign will be supported by a consistent
advertising campaign on the back cover of each issue of Creative Quarterly—the international journal of art and design produced by the design firm. In addition, the group will approach various media outlets to gain pro-bono advertising. There will also be the appropriate stickers, buttons, bumper stickers and posters promoting the effort. A website ih8war.com, created by HivelyDesign partner Sarah Munt, has been established and will feature work submitted by artists and designers. “We encourage everyone to get involved as too often we are all busy making very beautiful art and not using our art to make public statements about important issues.” Hively said. “We’re looking to involve artists and designers at all levels in all countries and hope for a long running campaign which will voice the need for peace.” The tagline for the campaign, “Artists and designers against war…or whatever they call it”.


Mehr zum Projekt unter www.ih8war.com

Mehr zu Klaas Verplancke http://www.klaasverplancke.be

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