Die IO gratuliert ALMA!

Nicht nur die IO feiert dieses Jahr zehnjähriges Jubiläum. Wir gratulieren dem Astrid-Lindgren-Memorial-Award (ALMA)! Zehn Jahre gibt es nun den schwedischen Staatspreis, der mit 500.000 Euro dotiert, die wichtigste internationale Auszeichnung ist, die ein Kinderbuchillustrator (bzw. Autor) bekommen kann. Die IO bildet seit 2009 einen der internationalen Nominating Bodies.

Miriam Elze reiste für den IO Nominating Body zur Preisverleihung am 28. Mai 2012 nach Stockholm, wo der Preis dieses Jahr an den niederländischen Schriftsteller Guus Kuijer ging. Anlässlich des zehnjährigen Jubiläums hat ALMA eine Festschrift herausgegeben, in der alle Preisträger vorgestellt werden. Diese Festschrift kann über die IO kostenlos bestellt werden. Für die IO ist es eine besondere Ehre, in dieser Festschrift besondere Erwähnung zu finden. Miriam Elze berichtet darin über den Nominierungs-Prozess 2010 des IO-Nominating Bodies, der damals die spätere Preisträgerin Kitty Crowther vorschlug.

»As we compiled the initial list of candidates that we came across in our travels, Kitty Crowther was a particular find among French-language publications. The two works that sparked our interest and tempted us to follow the trail further were La grande ourse and Le Grand Désordre. An exhibition of Kitty Crowther's pictures in France also made a lasting impression on us.

Of course, our group discussed questions such as the age at which a person may first be honoured for a lifetime's work, and what kind of international reputation he or she has. We were won over by Kitty Crowther's impressive bibliography - despite her relatively young age - and equally by her high quality, strength in storytelling and her surprisingly wide-ranging powers of expression. At the time of our decision, Kitty Crowther was unknown in German publishing. Her few publications in Germany were barely noticed, even by specialists in the field, because the early ones were very short and long ago ceased to be available. Positive support for our decision came from an exposition at the International Youth Library, where Kitty Crowther and other Belgian illustrators were exhibiting. In the nomination process, Kitty Crowther's publishers worked with us with very cooperatively and made available to us a wide range of material.

We feel as an association, and also as individual members of the nominating body, that our nomination and the ALMA success of Kitty Crowther that followed clearly show that we have a global influence that should not be underestimated. Without our nomination, Crowther's work would probably not have been published in Germany, and some other countries, or become accessible to a wider public.

Our nomination and Kitty Crowther's eventual success have given us a chance to exert an influence on the publishing sector and the decision to publish her.«

Auf weitere viele Jahre befruchtende und gute Zusammenarbeit mit ALMA!

Text: Miriam Elze, www.miriamelze.de

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