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Magdalena Cornford

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Magdalena Cornford 

Born in Poland, 29th January 1982, moved to Germany at the age of 18, where she is still living. She grew up travelling with her parents all over the world, that is why her very first idea was to become a track driver. Later on she started painting and never stopped. Nevertheless, using pens, pencils and brushes did not satisfy her very much. Although painting (and other forms of art) has always been her passion, she never considered doing it as a profession until she was 22. So she stopped her English and Psychology studies and instead started studying Graphic Design at the Academy for Visual Arts (AVA) in Frankfurt, Germany, which turned out to be exactly the right choice. Now she takes her drawings and paintings and
reprocesses them to artwork in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, which results bring her full satisfaction. Her work tends to be fashion and figured-based, emotionally incorporates organic and ornamental forms. She has always been intrigued by fashion and became very soon a big fashion victim, having created a huge collection of VOGUE magazines from all over the world (espacially Spanish and British), from which she takes much of her inspiration. " I love all of those cat walk pictures, beautiful Tim Walker`s fashion pictures , old and new collections of Jean Paul Gaultier, Yamamoto, Dior , Etro, Gucci and dozens of other fashion designers. I scan them, as well as any other own pictures, photos, sketches and collage them artworking them digitally. 
Other artists that I have great respect for are Egon Schiele, H.R.Giger, Eduardo Recife, Stina Persson, Cecilia Carlsted, Tina Berning, Wangehi Mutu, Antonio Lopez and Tim Weiffenbach, who I feel really lucky to know personally and who has a big influence on my expanding career. I would love to have the oppurtunity to work in editorial and advertising. I would love to see my work in fashion magazines, on wallpaper or even on trams:) One day I also hope to go to New York...




“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Thomas Merton 


digital pixel, digital vector, pencil + watercolor, collage, photos 

Adobe Illustrator,

Adobe Photoshop,

Adobe InDesign,

Adobe Flash,

After Effects,

alle Microsoft Programme,



Englisch, Deutsch, Polnisch

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M-Verlag Darmstadt

Hermmann Schmidt Verlag 


PARADISO PERDUTO Solo Ausstellung, Darmstadt 6.12.2008-29.01.2009 / DE

PRODUCT DESIGN Gruppenausstellung, Book Fair, Bologne, Italy, April 2009 / IT

FORGET HUMBLE Solo AUSSTELLUNG, Frankfurt am Main 9.10.2009- 6.12.2009  /DE

PRODUCT DESIGN Gruppenausstellung, Book Fair, Bologne, Italy, April 2010 / IT

Deja VU solo Ausstellung in der Galerie für Moderne Kunst, Breslau/Polen April-Mai 2010 / PL

Deja Vu solo Ausstellung, im Schnittpunkt, Wiesbaden, August-November 2010/ DE

No Woman No Art , LEON GARCIA, FFm, Januar 2011 / DE

Magdalena Cornford
Magdalena Cornford


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